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As the planet's average global temperature continues to increase, it is important that everyone does their part in reducing their carbon emissions. GoGreen takes data from your old electricity, water, and natural gas bills and converts it into Energy Points, a way to compare yourself to the average American. The application also uses this data to calculate your carbon footprint in pounds of carbon dioxide. With GoGreen, you can discover your impact on the world and recognize trends in your energy consumption. Download GoGreen today to start comparing yourself with those around you and reducing your energy usage.

GoGreen is currently in beta testing. You can sign up at Just enter your information into the application and begin monitoring your carbon footprint! Contact with any questions.

Startup Features:
  • Measure your Carbon Footprint
  • Calculate how much carbon dioxide you produce from driving
  • Monitor trends in your energy consumption
  • Compare yourself with others in your state and city
  • Compare yourself with the average American energy consumption
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Energy
  • Lifestyle
Target Audience:
  • sustainability
  • energy saving
  • people who want to save energy
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