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Go Mail Merge is a Google Workspace add-on that enables users to automate their email campaigns. Go Mail merge enables users to set up and maintain up to 5 email campaigns and up to 4 email sequences per campaign simultaneously.

Go Mail Merge also enables users to easily add Google Drive attachments to their email campaigns and it is especially powerful for attachments with tricky names so that the user doesn't have to manually add each individual attachment per email.

It is the only add-on with the aforementioned features. One of the biggest advantages of Go Mail Merge vs. more traditional emailing software is that it is built on top of Gmail which means it by default will have the highest possible email deliverability rate thanks to Google's high-quality spam filtering process.

Exhaustive feature list:

1. Schedule up to 5 email campaigns simultaneously.
2. Email sequences of up to 4 email follow-ups per campaign
3. Personalized attachments with a single line of text.
4. Cancel an email campaign at any time.
5. No artificial rate-limiting.
6. Limit the number of emails sent per day
7. Staggered email delivery so that emails appear like they're coming from a person
8. Short tracking URLs for the highest possible deliverability rate
9. Unsubscribe link
10. Most accurate Email status tracker (read, bounced, clicked, unsubscribed)
11. Easily add personalized attachments from Google Drive - the actual file not a link
12. Easily add static attachments from Google Drive - the actual file not a link
13. Send emails from aliases
14. Product support via email 7 days a week / 16 hours a day, talk directly to the creator
15. Organized Gmail labels all nested under the GOMM label name
16. Easily import all Google contacts with the click of a button

Ideal use cases:

* You need to schedule up to 5 email campaigns simultaneously with automated follow-ups at any point in the future without having to babysit your laptop
* You need to send thousands of cold emails to your prospects and only want to engage with those that engage you
* You’re an instructor that needs to send all of your students their respective documents that you store in Google Drive quickly and simply.
* You have thousands upon thousands of emails that need to be sent reliably and easily, Go Mail Merge’s scheduling and auto-continue campaign features enable you to dependably have your emails sent as soon as your Quota is available.
* You’re a small business that needs to send out a marketing email campaign.
* You’re getting married and need to send out personalized invitations to all of your friends and family.
* You own a blog and need to send out your monthly personalized newsletter to all of your subscribers.
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