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The Internet is changing constantly, but somehow we feel that our SEO tools are still living in 2007 - Boring, Complicated & Outdated. GetKeywords provide Intent-Focused Keyword Research with 100k+ Locations around the world with an Unlimited Free plan.

We help you with Keyword Research in the simplest way possible.

Do you know Google releases a lot of SEO updates every day? From starting of their journey relying on keywords & meta tags - to the smartest search engine on the internet.

They shifted from using words to understanding the meaning with the smartest Machine Learning models possible. And it's working.

But - our SEO tools are still stuck in, who can provide more data or who can provide more features game.

Let's try to change that with GetKeywords - Intent-Focused Keyword Filters, City-Level Data to Easy-to-use interface.
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