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Fure is a rideshare advertising marketplace providing free rideshare rides.
Just like Uber but better for your wallet, our rides are simply free.
Once you try it, you'll never go back to anyone else.

FURE Ride Service is revolutionizing the ridesharing industry with its innovative approach to providing convenient, affordable, and engaging transportation solutions. As a beta tester for FURE, you have the opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge features and functionalities of our app while getting paid for your valuable feedback.

At FURE, we believe in making transportation accessible to everyone, which is why our platform offers free rides in exchange for watching short ads during your journey. This unique model not only benefits riders by providing cost-effective transportation options but also allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a more meaningful way.

As a beta tester, you'll play a pivotal role in helping us refine and enhance the FURE app for use in all 50 states. Your feedback and insights will directly contribute to improving the user experience, optimizing app performance, and ensuring seamless functionality across various locations and demographics.

During the three-month beta testing period, you'll have the opportunity to lead the testing efforts in your state, guiding fellow testers and providing valuable input to our development team. Your dedication and commitment to the testing process will be rewarded with compensation for your time and effort.

Join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of ridesharing. Experience the convenience of FURE's app firsthand, help us make transportation more accessible for everyone, and get paid for your invaluable contributions to our platform's success.

Become a FURE beta tester today and be part of a transformative movement that is redefining the way we think about transportation. Together, we'll create a better, smarter, and more engaging ridesharing experience for all.

Sign up today to get beta access and to see when it's available in your area.

Supported devices:
App function: Riders (Purple) and Drivers (Red)
Android (8+) smartphones
Apple (6+) iPhones
--Sorry "Rooted" devices aren't supported - way too buggy to support MBITF.

Session A - April 2024
-Pennsylvania: -Whole state
--Philadelphia -Within City Limits/ Limited Metro and to southern NJ
--Lehigh Valley [Allentown, Bethelem & Easton]
--Pittsburg -Within City Limits/ Limited Metro
--Erie Downtown only.

Ride duration: under 10 min or up to 20 mins**(longer rides coming soon)
Ride length: under 12 miles or up to 25 miles**
Ride cap: 2 people or up to 4 people (same group/family)

Session B - F - Mid-Summer 2024
-Miami, Chicago, Austin & Los Angeles
--Metros Only & Limited to/from surrounding counties.

Session G - Z - 2025
Open in all 46 states.

Check back soon for more info/updates.. #events, #askmeanything, #swag, #eventtickets.

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest - @FURECAB or our Founder @rudyferraz for more updates!! Built with us - resume@fure.cab #fure #RideFURE #DriveFURE #BeFure #LiveFURE

Revs. 2.00.00 RF 3/20/24

Startup Features:
  • Zero or Low Cost rideshare service - Short [under 5mi] or Long distance [upto 15 mi]
  • Safe and trained local rideshare drivers - Background check/ Driving History verified & secured.
  • Newer passenger vehicles - average vehicle service road life is -6 years old.
  • Free local retail package pickup - buy local ; get free package delivery.
  • Unlimited on-demand rideshare - get as many rides you want,
  • Infotainment Display Technology - Patented tracking & processing service.
  • Industry first: Vehicle Identification Technology - Patented identification & processing service.
  • Unique Secure Rider / Driver Verification Technology - Patented wireless identification & processing service.
Beta User Benefits:
  • One (1) Lifetime VIPER Rideshare card, Special Edition Company swag goodie bag, and Two (2) FURE Sponsored Private Event Access Passes (back stage or vip area access).
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