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The world’s first A.I. tax engine designed by leading technology experts. FlyFin is built for independent professionals such as freelance developers, designers, marketers, rideshare drivers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and others who itemize tax deductions.

Exclusively Available on Google PlayStore

How FlyFin works:
1. Securely link your credit card/debit card/bank accounts
2. A.I. figures out all possible deductions
3. Review: Accept or Reject deductions

FlyFin finds every tax deduction from your expenses using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Simply connect to all your expense accounts: credit cards, bank accounts, or any financial accounts. FlyFin takes over and sorts through all your expenses to find every possible tax deduction.

24x7: On the go
A.I. automatically finds tax deductions every time an expense occurs, around the clock.

Learn how to turn expenses into deductions
Can I expense meals? Rent? Uber? Health Insurance? Artificial Intelligence and our expert tax CPAs work together to help you maximize your deductions. You ask a question and our tax CPAs will respond within 24 hours.

Maximize Savings
Don’t leave a penny on the table. A.I. does not forget or let any expense slip by. On average users save 10%-30% more on taxes than previous years.

Ready to file the tax return on January 1
Just press a button and you’re done! Never worry about tax season again. A.I. and our expert tax professionals handle everything behind the scenes.

Startup Features:
  • Turn your expenses into deductions automatically using A.I.
  • Get Highest Tax Savings with AI assisted by our Tax Experts
  • Effortless Tax Deductions for the self-employed
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free Subscription of the mobile app
  • 10 Free Q&As by Expert Tax CPAs
  • Feature on our website/ instagram as one of our early users
  • Access to our Exclusive Referral Program
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