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FestiVote is the world's 1st digital audience voting and engagement platform for film festivals worldwide. We eliminate the paper ballot system and bring voting to the palm of people's hands, through their smartphones.

A simple, two-step process allows for a hassle-free solution to an outdated method. FestiVote connects film festivals with audiences through a myriad of interactive features and our signature FestiVote Rewards program, where attendees accrue points, redeemable for festival perks, merchandise and more.

With FestiVote, film festivals and their audiences connect like never before, while empowering their filmmakers, sponsors and partners.

Startup Features:
  • Best in fest
  • Data done rigth
  • Redeem yourselves
  • Pick your flicks
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Saas
Target Audience:
  • platform
  • film
  • app
  • rewards
  • movies
  • engagement
  • voting
  • data analysis
  • film making
  • audience
  • festival

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