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Famished is a personalized food discovery platform. We want to bring high quality photo and video food recommendations with important nutrition information through a better experience for people.

Even though there are many ways of getting food delivered, the way we discover food is broken. Most food search and ordering sites are static, unpersonalized and do not get smarter as you use it. People say you can't account for taste, well when we are successful we will be able to account for taste. We are transforming the long format directory style of boring menus into quick bites of high quality photo and videos recommendations that you can swipe and skip through.

Our platform will take into consideration people's dietary preferences, restrictions, past orders, taste profiles, liked meals, what your friends like and other key information to create personalized recommendations from local restaurants.

We aim to be a better alternative for restaurants to find their customers where pricing is fair and fixed. Today restaurants pay up to 40% to acquire new and existing users. The quality of content on Famished will be unmatched with the introduction of video based menus and personalized food discovery. Restaurants will have a better way to discover their next customers and connect with them through Famished without having to pay unfair middle man costs they are currently paying.

Startup Features:
  • Figure out what to eat quick
  • Video based menus
  • Delicious local food
  • Discover new food you would like to try
  • No service fees to order food for pick up
  • Support local restaurants
Beta User Benefits:
  • help us shape the future of food discovery
  • Chance to win $50 gift card
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Food & Drink
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • ai
  • food tech
  • recommendation engine
  • plant-based

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