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Turn your phone into the ultimate tool to engage with your audience, improve your gameplay and immerse yourself in the gaming environment!
Our team is currently working on an iPhone app that will turn your phone into an eye tracker, amongst other features like head tracking and webcam streaming.
Our goal is to provide an easy and affordable way to get started with eye tracking, making it accessible to everyone.
Here you can find the sign-up page for the beta: https://beam.eyeware.tech

Startup Features:
  • Eye tracking with your phone
  • Share your eye gaze
  • Enhanced coaching and performance reviews for gaming
  • Head tracking. No headset, wires or batteries required
  • Use your phone as a webcam?
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • iphone
  • streaming
  • gaming
  • apple
  • eye tracking
  • head tracking
  • simulator games
  • eye tracking software
  • eye tracking app
  • head tracking software
  • flight simulator
  • eurotruck simulator
  • tobii
  • twitch

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