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"EMS Image Collection" is the name of our new application. It will help you to collect lots of images in one file and organize them. The content is changeable and you can add or remove images, how ever you can publish the file and limit access to it e.g. you can prevent others from changing author and adding images but let them to reorganize and add tags. You can collect up to 1,000 image in each file and there is no size limit. Interface designed to be simple and isn't confusing ,moreover you can simply drag and drop images to/from the PC. It's free and in beta test stage. Check it now!

Startup Features:
  • Collect lots of images in one file and organize them easily
  • Changable content, add/remove images when you like
  • Publish images and limit accesss to them (e.g. prevent from add/delete images)
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Great capacity (1,000 images, 64 albums) in each file and no size limit
  • It's free
Beta User Benefits:
  • It's free
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Photo & Video
Target Audience:
  • windows
  • desktop software
  • digital publishing
  • photo publishers

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