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Geographies: Spain , France , Italy , United States

Duckwyn is a web app that helps families explore the world and share their fun travel experiences. The built in journal helps you document and track your activities. The app allows kids to find nearby historical sites (Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Eiffel Tower, etc.) to visit. Each location has a short history of the site. When you visit each site an option appears for you to add a stamp to your Duckwyn passport. After stamping your passport, you can answer a series of trivia questions based on what you just learned and earn a virtual coin. Each location has it's own passport stamp and coins encouraging kids and parents to visit more sites to complete their collection.

Startup Features:
  • Journal and share your travel experiences
  • Recommend fun hidden gems you find in your travels
  • Help your kids learn about historical sites with descriptions and stories they can relate to
  • Collect passport stamps from each site
  • Answer trivia questions to earn virtual coins
  • Showcase the countries, states, and destinations you've visited on your personal explorer page
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free account for as long as they use the service
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Travel
Target Audience:
  • parents
  • learning
  • kids
  • parent
  • kidseducation
  • tourist
  • kids aged 8 - 15
  • history
  • kids aged 5 - 8
  • travel game

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