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We Crowdfund for the best Discounts on Products
all Early Supports/Testers will get $1 off any product they buy from us for 18 Months

Twitter & Facebook: @DiscountHorde

We Believe that consumers should have a variety of purchasing options when buying products! Currently we launch Crowdfunding Campaigns to offer the best possible deals, But will offer other unique options in the future! We Hope to make this a Social Norm on all products from pencils to vehicles in the future. Help us Launch with your support, Thank You!

**IMPORTANT** Message Me your Email & Account name on website So I can provide you with the Discount

-We need Testers to Look around the Website for bugs or errors and to test functionality of our Crowdfunding campaigns.
* Test our Email Marketing
*Test User Sign up & Login + Email Messages when signing up
*Test Cart and Checkout functionality + Email Messages when purchasing products - payment gateway will be on test mode and test products will be at $0.01
*Test Functionality of Crowdfund software
*Help Support our launch
*Help get the word out via Social media
*Provide Constructive Criticism/Ask common questions that you think customers would ask
*We will add more needs over the week & perhaps more benefits for testers and supporters

Thank You!

Startup Features:
  • Crowdfunding for Discounts/Alternative Purchasing Options
Beta User Benefits:
  • $1 Off any product you buy from us for 18 Months
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Crowdfunding
  • Ecommerce
Target Audience:
  • website
  • crowdfunding
  • eccomerce
  • crowdbuying
  • groupbuy
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