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We are early-stage startup and we would be happy to hear feedback from you!
Our product, Deepss API, is an Artificial Intelligence solution for automated data extraction from documents.

If you are a developer or an user of systems like
- ERP or inventory management system,
- budget management system,
- a digitalization of invoices or receipts (OCR),
- or other similar solutions,

we are sure that our product, Deepss API, would make your software even better.

Consider a case when someone enters data from documents such as invoices or receipts, which is a manual process and takes a long time. 2-5 minutes per document is not much, but with 100 documents a day, it gives you several hours of manual input. And in case of mistake, finding the source of the problem can be expensive.

Blurry scan? Manual notes? Attached bar codes? No problem :) In a few seconds you get the entire contents of the document.
There are many different types of invoice patterns. Deepss API learns on previously scanned documents and it adapts to new patterns very fast. Unlike a traditional OCR, it doesn't require templates.

Startup Features:
  • Extract data from documents using AI algorithms
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Utilities
Target Audience:
  • budget management
  • artificial intelligence
  • data extraction
  • ocr
  • invoicing software

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