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Daexus Catalyst: Adobe Analytics Connector for Tableau

Import your Adobe Analytics Data in Tableau and generate reports in a few simple steps, without leaving the app. Free to download on our website:

What makes our product different?
Our connector was created with the user's perspective in mind and meant to make data easily available for consumption. That being said, we tried to keep it simple, affordable, friendly to use and best of all - secure, as our tool is the only connector that runs 100% on the users’ local machine. We wanted everyone to focus on getting insights from their data rather than wasting time figuring how to retrieve it - and we think we’ve succeeded in our goal.

More than just creating a product, we seek to create a network of
support where we can all grow responsibly and with a soul.

We want to challenge the status quo! By leveraging our expertise in this area and providing YOU access to YOUR data in a friendly manner without the high fees, we allow you to focus on the important tasks.

Startup Features:
  • connect Adobe Analytics data in Tableau
  • runs solely on users'c computers
  • free
  • No sign up required
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Custom dates
  • Access to unlimited Adobe Analytics accounts
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Business Development
  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
  • data visualization
  • data analytics
  • tableau
  • adobe analytics
  • business inteligence

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