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Amazon operates in many countries, 17 to be exact. As Amazon expanded over the years, it has added international shipping option which gives shoppers from around the globe the ability to choose from millions of products from the world’s largest online store. However, there aren’t that many support for this international shipping service. The general public is not familiar with it and wouldn’t go through the hassle of opening up a new tab, going to another Amazon store, searching for the same product to see if it’s available, converting the price to their local currency and comparing the price. Have you ever gone onto Amazon and wondered if it would be cheaper to get the item through another Amazon store? Based on the current exchange rate, which region would be the best deal for me? Cross seeks to solve this problem by aggregating the price of the items in each of the 17 regions. The idea is for anyone in the world to be able to buy from the cheapest Amazon store that sells that particular product.

Startup Features:
  • 1. Cross helps you find the best Amazon price in the world. Compare prices from all Amazon stores and get notified with the best other seller price. 2.
Beta User Benefits:
  • We are already live on the Chrome web store
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