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Coupsh is a simple way to communicate with your people. Create a page and post content to keep your members up to date. Use custom push notifications to get more attention, include images and icons, reach people directly on their lock screen. You can also allow people to comment or send quick replies.

Coupsh is an alternative for a better one-way communication. It also works with email, so your members don't necessarily need to have the app installed.

Use Coupsh to:

* Create public or private pages. Have control over who can become a member.
* Customize your page with color and icons. Include links to your social media profiles and chat groups.
* Invite people directly with their email or share your page link with a password for people to become members.
* Post content in your page, include images, rich text, links, quick replies, calendars, maps, and more.
* Reach your members directly on their lock screen with custom push notifications. Those who don't have the app will receive your posts by email, so everyone stays up to date.
* Enable comments on your posts so that people can reply.
* Join other pages and stay up to date with what matters to you.

Startup Features:
  • A better one-way communcation between group owners and members
  • Custom push notifications
  • A way to share important information without ads or other distractions
  • An alternative to short update and news emails for medium-size to large groups
Beta User Benefits:
  • Early releases
  • Acces to paid features for free (in the future), like analytics and segmentation of members
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • android
  • app development

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