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CoReceptionist is a visitor management system that provides end-to-end automation of the visitor registration process including, sign-in, on boarding and sign-out. The days of paper visitor sign in books, which are time consuming, unreliable and very rarely completed correctly are gone. The CoReceptionist visitor management kiosk improves the efficiency of reception staff by allowing visitors to check-in themselves.

Employees are automatically notified when their visitors arrive thanks to the notifications sent out by CoReceptionist. When a visitor completes their registration at the CoReceptionist visitor kiosk a text, email and slack notification is sent directly to the person they are visiting in the office or workplace.

Startup Features:
  • Unlimited No of Users
  • Unlimited visitors Sign In
  • Unlimited Devices Connect
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Visitor Image Capture
  • Badge Printing
  • Evacuation Notifications
  • Visitor Sign-Out Reminders
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • Event Management
  • Government
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism
Target Audience:
  • access security
  • visitor management
  • visitor log
  • visitor sign in
  • access control

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