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Confidist is a place for short, private, fulfilling conversations. Connect with interesting people and see what you have in common. Create topics for discussion, join communities, and participate in virtual events. Confidist is completely free.

When you first join we ask that you complete a profile that includes a number of profile attributes including interests, hobbies, politics, education, movie genres, and more.

Users can then create or join a topic for conversation. These topics can be deep philosophical questions, specific to your interests, or simply that you are looking for someone new to talk with. Each community has its own topic suggestions and themes to get the conversation going.

When you enter a conversation you will be presented with all the attributes you both share in common to hopefully form an instant connection and sense of empathy. At any point in time you can report a topic or conversation and the moderators of that community can take action to prevent abuse.

After the conversation you are asked to give a rating from 1 to 5 to help us identify problematic users or exceptionally engaging topics.

Communities on Confidist also have the ability to throw virtual events. This allows a spotlight to be shown on a slightly broader topic for discussion. Gun control, the loneliness epidemic, or problems in education. Users who participate earn a unique profile badge to add to their collection. In this way communities can invite users from all points of view and backgrounds to come participate.

Events and topics can both be shared easily across existing social media or with a simple link. Have a one-on-one conversation about a blog article and post a link in a comment section. Users will have the opportunity to create a related topic for discussion to facilitate as many one-on-one conversations as there are willing participants. Pretty cool right?

So how does Confidist plan on making money? Right now we are bootstrapping and self funded with a commitment to stay away from the advertisement model or sell your data. We ask users who believe in the power and importance of meaningful conversation to become our Patreons for the perk of a unique profile badge showing your support and additional perks in the future. The broader mission of Confidist is to collaborate with other companies and services who believe in bringing positive social change to the web and establishing a network of positive services under a fair and optional subscription service.

For now the most important indicator for success will be to facilitate more meaningful conversations on Confidist.com. Join today to show your support and create or join a topic for a fulfilling conversation.

Startup Features:
  • Find meaningful conversation on the web
  • Chat with new people
  • Topic based conversation
  • Community based
  • Community rules
  • Community moderators
  • Virtual events to highlight important issues/causes
  • Topic sharing
  • Conversation ratings
  • See what attributes you share in common
  • Live chat
Beta User Benefits:
  • Join early so you don't miss out on collecting badges from the early virtual events.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • social media
  • community
  • social community
  • friendship
  • meet new people
  • genuine connections
  • find friends
  • meet people
  • online chat
  • chatroom
  • debate
  • discussion
  • question answer
  • topic based
  • conversation
  • meaningful
  • meaningful conversation
  • one on one
  • 1-1
  • strangers
  • discourse
  • interesting people
  • looking for connection
  • intelligent conversation
  • intellectual
  • pen pals
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