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We exist to make code search awesome.
As developers ourselves, we know how frequently we search for answers — we are constantly learning, and that comes with its challenges, from figuring out unfamiliar frameworks to discovering new libraries to seeking solutions to vexing errors. We know this struggle first-hand, so we created CodePilot.ai to find a better way to code.

Rather than embark on an hours-long side quest searching for information in unknown terrain, CodePilot.ai brings the answers to us. With its straightforward interface and near-instantaneous results, CodePilot.ai is an essential tool for every aspiring developer.

Startup Features:
  • Curated and ranked answers from sources you trust
Beta User Benefits:
  • T-Shirt with 3 week useage review
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Enterprise software
Target Audience:
  • software development
  • risk management
  • developer tool
  • code search

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