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cartera is a simple, instant, and safe way to make and receive digital payments that don't cross state boundaries.

cartera streamlines commerce by ensuring payments are compliant with the terms, regulations, and policies governing each transaction. cartera’s web applications facilitate cannabis-related events that are compliant with local, state, and federal regulations as well as those of our banking partners.

We are currently facilitating virtual wellness events that are onboarding cannabis-friendly businesses and consumers. Virtual and Live event organizers integrate existing cloud-based platforms via cartera’s UI and payment gateway to manage and transact with their respective communities. Our mission is to automate financial transactions by building a community of trusted exchange.

Startup Features:
  • Integrate your existing cloud-based platforms via cartera’s UI and payment gateway.
  • Built with specific industries in mind as cannabis-related ones.
  • Federal and state compliance.
  • Weekly payouts from tickets and sponsorship sales.
  • Advanced communications tools to engage with event attendees.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Finance
Target Audience:
  • payments
  • financial technology
  • cannabis

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