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Bunnyshell automates all steps in the release process, from creating servers on multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean) to easy provisioning (ready to use apps - install & configure with one click) and one click deployments.

We are helping companies save time and money by standardizing and automating otherwise time consuming, knowledge-dependant or prone to error tasks.

With Bunnyshell and a few clicks, any developer can:
-Migrate easily (from premise to cloud, cloud to cloud)
-Create servers on multiple clouds
-Provision & configure applications
-Deploy with one click and zero downtime (multiple deployments time)
-Version their work and rollback any time
-Create dev & test environments on any cloud, version, OS
-Have automated security updates for all projects

Startup Features:
  • -Create environment on multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean)
  • -Add/resize/remove/format/mount disks
  • -Convert to load balanced environment
  • -Schedule instance
  • -Monitoring
  • -Log aggregation
  • -Change security group rules
  • -Change snapshot
  • -Manual scale up/down
  • -Application deployments
  • -Autoscaling
  • -Provisioning
  • -Deploy secrets, certificates, keys, log rotations, crons, application from Git
  • -All at once deployment;
  • -Rolling deployment
  • -Rolling with additional batches deployment
  • -Immutable deployment
  • -Blue/green deployment;
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • saas
  • developer
  • software developer
  • cloud computing
  • devops
  • agile tool
  • cloud management
  • devops engineer

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