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BotStar is an online chatbot platforms that lets users design, develop and train chatbots visually.

Unlike websites, conversation is a new type of interface that is subjective and difficult to wrap your head around. BotStar focuses on making conversation tangible and maintainable, thus allow further development for the chatbot in the long run. The platform also comes equipped with tools like broadcastings, audience and integration tools for businesses.

Startup Features:
  • Design chatbot visually
  • Train chatbot easily
  • Reach your users effortlessly
Beta User Benefits:
  • 1 PRO plan chatbot free (2,000 subscribers max), our pricing is $15/month for hosting a PRO plan chatbot with 2,000 subscribers.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • chat
  • chatbots
  • bots
  • messenger bots
  • messaging
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