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BorrowerCentral is a cloud-based banking system aimed at helping private lenders spend more time lending money to borrowers, and less time sorting through paper work. Our objective is to help private lenders put paper-based systems and spreadsheets behind them. We do this by offering easy-to-use interfaces which take care of all the interest calculations, repayment reminders and lots more. In so doing, a lender spends more time getting to know their borrower and ... making money. Oh, and we also intend to offer borrower scoring to help lenders make more informed decisions on whether or not to lend.

Startup Features:
  • Manage your borrowers with ease
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • lending
  • car loans
  • auto lending
  • credit watch list
  • loans
  • wedding loans
  • personal loans
  • education loans
  • credit control software

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