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Blocknify enables you to move your company forward by digitizing your processes, saving money and increasing efficiency all without sacrificing your privacy.

Blocknify provides the ability to legally sign, send documents, monitor signature statues, and create approval processes without your document touching any external server at any time.

We do this by building trust and privacy into the foundation of the solution, through the Blockchain, Zero-knowledge methods, and simple storage integration. Installation is in minutes and fully integrable. Get documents signed within moments instead of days to move sales and business forward.

Startup Features:
  • Legally sign documents
Beta User Benefits:
  • We will provide extra credits to those who sign up during beta.
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  • Business
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Target Audience:
  • document management
  • law firm document management software
  • legal document management software
  • digital signs
  • privacy
  • distributed
  • blockchain-based
  • sign documents online
  • esignature
  • electronic signature
  • cybersecurity
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  • e-signature
  • cryptocurrency users
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  • cryptopotential
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