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Biz2X offers banks and other financial institutions the ability to streamline their business loan processes and better manage risk. Biz2X is a turnkey global SaaS platform that enables financial institutions to provide a customized online lending experience for small and midsize business customers. For more information, visit

The Biz2X Platform is the natural evolution of over 13 years of small business financing experience. First created as the platform that Biz2Credit uses to offer small business financing services, Biz2X now powers small business lending at brands like HSBC and Popular Bank, among others. With enhanced loan management, servicing, risk analytics and a configurable customer journey, Biz2X is helping banks like these run their lending operations at scale.

Biz2X uses a streamlined user interface, AI-driven analytics and a customizable white label environment to help banks enhance their core services such as offering focused customer service, growing their portfolio, and increasing the use of their different products. The Biz2X Platform offers end-to-end loan management features, including:

• A Risk Analytics Tool Suite

• Credit Policies Configured to Banks’ Needs

• An Intelligent, Dynamic Application for Each Product Type

• Low to No IT Work Required

• Cross-Device Compatibility
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