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Bidscube is a White Label Solution for SSPs, DSPs, ad networks and other programmatic advertising companies. It is a ready-made framework with powerful tools for efficient ad trading. The platform allows for building a programmatic advertising business without huge investments in platform development. Bidscube RTB platform tools and features:
- OpenRTB 2.3/2.5
- CPM model
- traffic types: mobile, web, mobile web, CTV
- ad formats: native, banner, video
- white- & blacklisting
- real-time reporting
- API links
- fraud protection (you can integrate any tool of your choice)
- advanced targeting
- billing reports

Startup Features:
  • Real-Time Bidding, OpenRTB
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Platforms
Target Audience:
  • programmatic
  • wls
  • rtb

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