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Beyonic provides two way digital payment solutions for businesses operating at the last-mile.

We help global businesses working in Africa transition from sending/receiving cash to digital payments. Beyonic's platform is connected to over 20 mobile network operators across 6 African countries, enabling global businesses to quickly start sending and receiving funds from customers on these networks. Our web-based tools and robust APIs provide the technical, process and compliance infrastructure that our customers' businesses demand.

Stop using cash and go digital with Beyonic payments today!

Startup Features:
  • Many Networks, One Balance.
  • Pay the Right Person Everytime.
  • Easy, Repeatable Bulk Payments.
  • Collect Funds via Mobile.
  • Organize, Control, Track.
  • Security & Compliance. Integration & APIs.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Saas
Target Audience:
  • payments
  • mobile payments
  • payment processing

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