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Betterworth deepens trust between financial advisors and their clients with our industry-first “Smart Client 360” profile, providing a complete and clear picture of their client’s interests, lifestyle, goals and financial history to better anticipate the wealth management needs and recommend the right financial solution at exactly the right time.

Unlike traditional Know-Your-Client (KYC) software, Betterworth's unique's platform enriches the client's profile with every decision, and provides a multi-level view based on both financial and non-financial data points.

Startup Features:
  • We help financial advisors create long term and trustworthy
  • Increase client retention and client satisfaction
  • Provide a personalized experience for your clients at scale
  • Recommend the best financial products at the best time
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free assessment to identify your traits, strengths and blindspots
  • Personalized recommendations on how you can improve your client relationships
  • Suggestions for growth and action items you can implement right away
  • Exclusive access to our next features
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