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The new social network for written content/blogs and podcasts, that allows any user to create a blog/podcast and create an overall portfolio with their content and content they have reshared for their followers to view. Our goal is to allow users to discover/be discovered, gain recurring audiences, build a community/brand and connect content creators/viewers. Through first-hand market research, we've discovered our target users' pain-points; and we're solving it with social media, and added bonus features.

Beta User Benefits:
  • Start your blog for free, in a community with others more likely to read your blog. Bawler is a chance to grow your audience, connect with others, and customize your content. The more friends you invi
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • social network
  • social media
  • content writing
  • social networking
  • blog
  • blogging
  • online media
  • podcast
  • podcasting
  • journalist
  • radio
  • journalism
  • online publish

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