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"ApiStacks aims to provide fast, scalable, and reliable APIs for both businesses and developers alike on one single platform.

The Problem:
When working with Data, most SAAS platforms offer one single solution to a problem (e.g. Phone Number Validation). But, what if you also needed to also validate and confirm Email Address as well as look up IP address details?

You would typically need to sign up to other SAAS platforms and integrate their solution to meet all your needs. This creates complexity having to integrate different platforms, costs you a lot of money having multiple subscriptions, and wastes time researching different platforms to address your needs

The Solution:
Instead of having multiple subscriptions to various SAAS platforms, API Stacks offers one simple subscription will gain you access to various tools that can help transform data into usable formats that suit all your needs.:
• Take Screenshots from a URL
• Create PDF from a URL
• Scrape Links from a URL
• Scrape Open Graph data from a URL
• Scrape an entire website's HTML from a URL
• Detect Language from a String of Text
• Lookup IP Details of your visitors
• Lookup WHOIS data of a website
• Validate Email addresses to check if they are full or Spam
• Generate QR Codes from a string
• Lookup User Agent Details of your visitors
• Validate phone number and get geo data

This saves time and money not having to integrate different APIs, subscribe to multiple subscriptions, and gives you peace of mind knowing all your data is being handled under one roof.

APIStacks offers a free plan to get you started, as well as premium plans based on your needs."
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