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COVID19 isolated at home many of us, including our elderly parents and grandparents. Not being able to check on them regularly elevates the risks that they are exposed to such as falls, gas leaks, flooding, fire and others.

Ambianic.ai is an end-to-end Open Source Ambient Intelligence project that removes the stigma associated with surveillance systems by implementing privacy preserving algorithms in three critical layers:

Peer-to-Peer Remote access
Local device AI inference and training
Local data storage
Ambianic.ai observes a target environment and alerts users for events of interest. Data us only available to homeowners and their family. User data is never sent to any third party cloud servers.

Here is a blog post that goes into the reasons why we started this project: https://blog.ambianic.ai/2020/02/05/pnp.html

And here is a technical deep dive article published in WebRTCHacks. It clarifies that it is absolutely possible to build a privacy preserving surveillance system, despite popular cloud vendors making us believe that all user data belongs safely on their cloud servers: https://webrtchacks.com/private-home-surveillance-with-the-webrtc-datachannel/

Ambianic.ai has 3 main components:

Ambianic.ai Edge: a Python application designed to run on an IoT Edge device such as a Raspberry Pi or a NUC. It attaches to video cameras and other sensors to gather input. It then runs inference pipelines using AI models that detect events of interest such as objects, people and other triggers.
Ambianic.ai UI: A Progressive Web App written in Javascript using Vue.js and other front end frameworks to deliver an intuitive timeline of events to the end user.
Ambianic.ai PnP: A plug-and-play framework that allows Ambianic UI and Ambianic Edge to discover each other seamlessly and communicate over secure peer-to-peer protocol using WebRTC APIs.

Try It Out: https://docs.ambianic.ai/users/quickstart/
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/ambianic

Startup Features:
  • privacy preserving
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Internet of Things
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • javascript
  • python
  • tensorflow
  • pwa
  • webrtc
  • raspberry pi

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