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Domain-optimized transcription software will quickly convert audio and video to text in seconds. Our main feature is domain-specific speech recognition technology.
If you’re working with conference calls, job interviews, phone calls, recorded meetings, or lectures, you should try SpeechText.AI transcription service that is specifically trained to understand these type of audio: specific terminology, industry jargon, accents, speech rate, etc.
SpeechText.AI can use one of several machine learning models to transcribe audio files based on the original type of the audio. It provides multiple pre-built models, and you can improve the quality of speech recognition for various types of audio. If you specify the type of the original audio, this will allow the service to process your audio files using a machine learning model trained from data similar to your file.

Startup Features:
  • Domain-optimized Speech Recognition and Transcription in Real Time
  • Multi language Support
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Proofreading Interface
  • Export Transcription Results in Different Formats (PDF, WORD, HTML, etc.)
Beta User Benefits:
  • Register with the special promo code BETAFREE and try our transcription engine for FREE
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  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
  • artificial intelligence
  • speech recognition
  • audio transcription
  • speech to text conversion
  • video transcription
  • audio files transcription
  • audio to text converter
  • software for transcribing

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