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Rocky is your simple path to high-performing leadership. Strengthen your leadership soft skills daily with Rocky - the world's first Artificial Intelligence leadership bot coach for everyday life.

Share your goal with Rocky and determine a leadership soft skill to focus on. Daily coaching conversations with Rocky on your time, only 5-minutes a day.

Morning Mindset: Construct your intentions and understand your emotional tone to carry out your day best. Evening Reflection: Reflect on your outcomes from the day and inspire your personal growth.

Is your everyday performance crucial for your success?

Answer leadership coaching questions daily to structure and reflect on your day, for entrepreneurs and medium-sized company managers who are developing their careers.

* Meet your agenda

* Own your day

* Never fall off track.

* Take control over your direction in life

* Develop supporting habits and routines

* Boost your productivity and get things done

* Achieve and work towards your most important goals

* Build your career and work towards your promotion

* Master reflective thinking and become mindful about your behaviour

* Gain clarity, get confident, learn and feel accomplished

* Create a happier, balanced and positive lifestyle

The user-friendly interface with a journaling like chatbot makes it easy to make effective progress.

Gain competence in your leadership skills with challenging questions and curated content as tips, quotes and inspirations.

Reflect on your day and strengthen your cognitive leadership skills by applying Rocky's coaching questions to your situation.

Rocky.ai - The leadership coach in my pocket.

Access to curated content and leadership coaching questions for:

• Performance
• Focus
• Time-management
• Discipline

• Strategic Thinking
• Visionary Thinking

• Building Relationships
• Empowerment
• Open-mindedness

• Clear communication
• Active Listening

• Managing energy level
• Resilience

• Courage
• Self-appreciation
• Continuous Learning

Startup Features:
  • 3 months free subscription
Beta User Benefits:
  • 3 months free subscription with coach code #BETAFY
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