Geographies: World wide is a cold email automation tool that helps you get new customers, find partners, connect with influencers, and reach out to investors.

Send personalised emails at scale
- Avoid typing the same email again and again by using templates to build perfect emails and re-use them with just a few clicks
- Grow your email sales channel by sending personalised emails to thousands of people without looking or sounding spammy
- Automate follow ups by creating email sequences that will automatically send follow up emails

Manage your contacts
- Import contacts from your inbox or CSV files
- Sort them into lists and tag them on the fly so that you can track, follow up and send updates to all your contacts easily

Grow your revenue
- Understand which of your email campaigns are effective using our Analytics module
- Track open, reply, & bounce rates to refine your email strategy
- Nurture leads effortlessly
- Build your pipeline
- Save time on follow ups

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Startup Features:
  • Send personalized cold emails at scale
  • Automate email follow ups
  • Schedule email delivery times
  • Bulk email
  • Manage contacts
  • Add unsubscribe buttons to emails for GDPR and Spam compliance
  • Email templates
  • Personalized email fields
  • Track email opens, replies, & bounces
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free upgrade to our Basic plan for 1 year
  • Provide feedback that may directly shape the product
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Productivity
Target Audience:
  • saas
  • early adopters
  • recruitment
  • recruiters
  • startups
  • vp sales
  • b2b
  • sales teams
  • sales enablement
  • outbound sales
  • sales automation
  • b2b sales
  • sales
  • email marketing
  • customer feedback
  • sales manager
  • online sales
  • email marketers
  • recruitment companies
  • email software
  • startup founders
  • early stage saas businesses
  • early stage startup
  • early stage startups
  • recruiting
  • recruiter
  • marketing and sales
  • sales software
  • b2b saas
  • sales directors
  • inside sales
  • startups/brands looking for exposure
  • emailproductivity
  • b2b marketing
  • sales productivity
  • cold email
  • email outreach
  • outbound
  • bulk email
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