How it works!


  • Startups create their profile on
  • Betafy works to understand the beta needs of the startup.
  • Betafy then matches its beta users and testers with the startup.
  • A startup gets to evaluate and invite beta testers.
  • Beta users join the startups beta program on betafy.
  • The startup implements the betafy sdk into its product, and gets to directly understand beta usage of its product.
  • The startups public profile gives it additional visibility and attracts even more beta users and traction.

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Beta users and testers

  • The beta user creates their profile on
  • Betafy works to understand the interests of the beta user
  • Betafy then matches the beta user with exciting startups and informs them of opportunities that make sense to them.
  • Startups on betafy offer exclusive benefits to beta users for their participation.
  • The beta user participates in the startups beta program, and gets to benefit from the startups offering,
  • Betafy help the beta user build their reputations on betafy for further opportunities (esp if they are software testers looking for opportunities.

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